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The Wednesday Morning Post

When you hit the middle of the week, it's time to find some inspiration to get you through until the weekend! You can find it here every Wednesday morning with one of my original poems, or short essays posted for your enjoyment!

This first post is coming to you live on a Sunday, but from now on, check in every Wednesday for something refreshing!

Begin Here

(listening to Favela by Antonio Carlos Jobim)

In the old Renault, bouncing on nameless dirt roads,

windows rolled open, sea-salted hair in red bandana.

August dust, in samba puffs, off rear tires, rising.

Sun glare from azure ocean and noon sky.

Shadows of pelicans flash over windshield glass.

Bare, sand-covered soles against rusty gas pedal.

Oysters and scallops wrapped in newspaper and plastic

on the back seat, briny aroma of surf and morning breeze.

A song on dry lips, wordless and full of kisses.

As lithe lizards scramble from engine prattle.

Begin here, with the scent of gardenias,

the flavor of cayenne and coconut.

Begin here, with your eyes half closed,

your body tingling with the rhythm of clave.

Begin here.

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