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The Wednesday Morning Post

Sincere - Rare – Hogwash

I want to be sincere.

I sincerely want to be sincere.

It's an avocation.

I convince myself

that being sincere reflects

a core value

that respect and courtesy

to others are essential

components of civil living.

That's all well and good.


I'm also a devotee

of authenticity.

Being authentic

is a higher calling,

and act of self-respect,

of self-love aimed

at vanquishing that pesky,

hard-to-pin-down rogue, Ego.

Authenticity takes courage,

a hefty dose of it.

Being authentic is a core

component of that


(as either noun or verb)



The courage of being

authentic frees up

the more-evolved Self

to Love,

and that supports behaviors

which, in turn, free up others

around us to become more authentic,

to free up their more-evolved Selves

to Love.

Sounds good right.

I mean, being sincere sounds good too,

but it so often arises

from a desire to please,

a desire to “look good,”

rather than from a conscious

choice to “be good.”

I am willing to see

that authenticity

is the more noble,

the more rare quality.

I've never seen a letter

with the signature,

“Authentically yours.”

That would be welcomed.

After all, one can be


full of hogwash!

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